Club Med Budgewoi is quite the place

Cheap Holiday: Club Med Budgewoi isn’t a luxury resort, but it is a pretty chilled-out place. Do you know how to get there? One of the things we love about is that you can have a holiday by the lake or beach that isn’t too expensive.

For example, you can stay at a caravan park orgo camping off the beaten track.

Now we’re not saying we’re averse to living it upin thefive-star luxurycomfort of a swish hotel. Who doesn’t like to bepampered?

But there’s a different type of comfort when you can stay at a place called Club Med Budgewoi.

This place might soundexpensivebut, if you look at this picture, you’ll see it’s not.

At Club Med Budgewoi, you get beautiful lake views. And you get serenity.

You can go for a strollaround the lake or borrow a vacant tinny and go for a row on the peaceful, calming lake.

Youcan eat fish and chips fordinner. You can even go fishing to catch your dinner. You can sit on a bench, gaze at the lake andcontemplate the universe. Or, you might prefer towatch an egret search for its dinnernear the shore.

Club Med Budgewoi isn’t for everyone. It probably wouldn’t suit snooty people or those hyperactive types who can’t sitstill.

It’s said that the best things in life are free. So we’re delighted to inform you that Club Med Budgewoi costs nothing.

We should also disclose that it’s not actually a place, it’s more a state of mind. Anyonecan get there, but you’ve got to know the way.

BudgieSmuggler Final Newcastle’s Dave Eddy is a finalist for ‘s Most Ordinary Rig.

Now we’llsegway from Budgewoi to budgie smugglers.

We’ve written recently that three Newcastle blokes madethe top 10of the prestigious Budgy Smuggler Ordinary Rig Gala.

Will Mowbray, Hayden Gavin andDave Eddy will be among those vyingfor the coveted crown of ’s Most Ordinary Rigat Ivy nightclub’s pool bar in Sydney on Wednesday. We wish ‘em good luck.

Will Mowbray shows off his rig.

The lads will pose on a catwalk that mimics aVictoria’s Secret fashion show. They’ll be wearing homemade angel wings.

Hayden Gavin loves his budgie smugglers.

Adam Linforth, founder ofthe swimwear company Budgy Smuggler, said the eventbegan as a way to poke fun ata Victoria’s Secret show.

But he said the idea crystalised when fiveyoung fellas “drove an hour to our office to pick up smugglers for schoolies”.

“They were a good young bunch and they were excited for the week ahead. One of them mentioned ‘yeah, we’ve been getting ripped for the big week’,” he said.

An alarm bell went off in Adam’s head.

“The amount of pressure on young people to look ridiculous that comes through Instagram andmarketing is a pretty heavy load,” he said.

The event aimed to celebrate that “you don’t have to be a shredded beast to have a good time and be loved”.

The event will raise money for the organisation LIVIN, which raises awareness about mental health.

Its motto is“It Ain’t Weak to Speak”.

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