Elizabeth Jessie Hickman died a pauper’s death but her name lives on

The ‘Lady Bushranger’ and the secret mining millions Colourful: The ‘Lady Bushranger’ Elizabeth Jessie Hickman, whose cattle-duffing days could be acknowledged with a Sandy Hollow upgrade paid for by a recently-revealed $5 million mining fund.

Heritage: Elizabeth Jessie Hickman’s granddaughter Di Moore said Jessie was fond of telling tall stories about her life.

History: A film crew at Sandgate Cemetery more than a decade ago preparing a documentary about the ‘Lady Bushranger’ buried in an unmarked pauper’s grave.

Mystery: Sandy Hollow artist David Mahony’s “sensuous” treatment of the Lady Bushranger.

Tourism: The view from David Mahony’s Sandy Hollow art gallery and sculpture park. An upgrade of facilities in the village would be a tourism boost, he said.

Quirky: Sandy Hollow is becoming increasingly popular with visitors whose interest in its past is a major drawcard. An artwork from the Sandy Hollow gallery.

Change: Sandy Hollow’s main street in the early 1970s.

TweetFacebookThe Lady Bushranger’s story is a great part of our folk lore here. She was pretty much a cattle duffer who would go into the hills and hide in caves when the police came looking for her, but she was a terrific horsewoman and a very appealing sort of character when you consider her history.

Sandy Hollow artist David MahonyIt’s the NSW Government and the mining industry in cahoots again to shaft the community.

Former Wybong resident Christine PhelpsOut of the Mists: The Hidden History of Elizabeth Jessie Hickman,to help sort fact from fiction in the short but fast life of her ancestor.

“Jessie was a great storyteller and was never inhibited by a need to adhere to the truth,”Mrs Moore said in an interview in 2014 to promote the book.

“Tales that people have solemnly assured me were told to them by Jessie have proved to be, at best, a much distorted version of some event; at worst, a total fabrication in order to play a joke on some poor friend. Jessie could lie with the best of them.”

Hickman died of a brain tumour in 1936, aged 46, and is buried in an unmarked pauper’s grave at Sandgate Cemetery.

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