Hayne hires attorney who has defended NBA stars

He’s defended NBA star Derrick Rose against rape allegations, represented the Oscar-winner Charlize Theron??? in a luxury watch snafu, and appeared for a Desperate Housewives actor whose character was abruptly killed off.

Jarryd Hayne’s new US Attorney, Mark Baute???, is the picture of a Hollywood attorney – a lean, sharp-tongued lawyer who leads contentious cases.

Throughout the Rose civil trial, in which a jury cleared Rose and his friends of sexual assault, Baute was accused of underhanded tactics, and shaming the alleged victim, saying she welcomed the basketballer and two of his friends “with open arms and open legs”.

Another member of Rose’s defence team also asked the judge to stop the woman crying while she was in the witness stand.

“I’m not going to order the witness not to cry any more than I’m going to order her not to breathe,” LA federal Judge Michael Fitzgerald said.

In an interview with The Guardian soon after the trial, Baute said he is proud of his ability to quickly “break” witnesses.

“How do you break a witness? It’s preparation, understanding people, and eye contact. Some witnesses show up ready to lie and they need to be shown in the first three minutes that they’ll be exposed,” Baute said.

He defended himself against critics, also telling The Guardian the woman in the Rose case, who was pursuing substantial damages, had made up a “bullshit story” for money.

???”Crocodile tears. Pretty easy to fake if you’re looking for 20 million bucks. I had the same reaction as many jurors – the tears looked choreographed.”

After the verdict, Baute and Rose posed for photos with jurors and he deftly swatted away questions from a media pack.

“The media reporting on this case was biased against the black men, blatantly obvious. All the reporting was biased. We’re just very relieved the system worked,” he told the gathered reporters.

Baute also represented the actor Nicollette Sheridan in a wrongful termination lawsuit, which alleged her character Edie Britt??? was killed off soon after Sheridan complained the show’s creator Marc Cherry hit her during rehearsals.

In a media conference during the trial in 2012, Baute said Cherry was lying and his demeanour on the stand changed markedly between examination and cross-examination.

“When people go from halting and evasion to singing like a bird, often times jurors conclude that they’re lying,” Baute said.

Sheridan’s case ended in a hung jury, and was dismissed by a Californian judge last January.

Baute was one of the attorneys who acted for Charlize Theron when she was sued by Swiss watch brand Raymond Weil for wearing a Dior watch while under a contract to promote Raymond Weil.

???That case was quickly settled.

Baute’s biography on legal firm Baute Crochetiere & Hartley’s website says he believes most commercial litigation is a waste of time and money.

One of his tips includes: “Form your game plan and your settlement position early”.

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