Man drowns in a rip at Frazer Park in the Munmorah State Conservation Area

Frazer Park and its isolated beach in the Munmorah State Conservation Area, where a drowning happened on New Year’s Eve. A 30-year-old man has tragically drowned at Frazer beach on the Central Coastafter being caught in a rip.

The incident happened at about3pm on New Year’s Eve,the n Lifeguard Service said.

The beach is part of an area called Frazer Park, which is a camping areain the Munmorah State Conservation Area,not far from Catherine Hill Bay.

The lifeguard service said a bystandernoticed two men in difficulty in a strong rip about 300 metres north of the patrolled area at the beach.

The bystandercalled police andflagged down another passerby to alert lifeguards.

The two distressed swimmers were believed to be brothers, holidaying in the area, the lifeguardservice said.

A lifeguard launched a jet ski within minutes and his partnerraced into the water with a rescue board.

One of the brothers was pulled out of the water on the rescue board.He wentinto shockand required help fromparamedics.

A surfer helped the second brother, as he was beingtaken out to sea.

The surfer heldhim up until a wave washed the paironto rocks.

Lifeguards found the victimunconscious and unresponsive.

Theybegan CPR and worked frantically for 20 minutes until support arrived.

Further treatment was performedbutattempts to revive the man were unsuccessful.

Police said the man wasfrom Parramatta and areport was being prepared for the coroner

“The incident is a timely reminder for swimmers to make safety the priority when in, on or around the water this summer,” a police statement said.

n Lifeguard Service NSW lifeguard manager Oliver Munson said it was a difficult situation, made more challenging due to the area’s isolation.

“I would like to acknowledge the efforts of the two witnesses, who helped alert the lifeguards, and the surfer who was able to make his way to the distressed swimmer,” he said.

“Our thoughts and sincere sympathies go to the family and friends of the two young men at this very sad time.”

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