Sir David Attenborough’s personal message for six-year-old Wagga fan

SUPER SMILER: Archie Comerford, 6, from Wagga, with his personally signed photograph from Sir David Attenborough. Picture: Kieren L Tilly.Little Archie Comerford has been taught to always say “please” and “thank you,” so it was no surprise to his mother when the six-year-old decided to write to Sir David Attenborough to thank him for teaching Archie about frogs and “mooses”.

What no one expected, however, was that he would write a personal card back.

“He taught me about mooses and frogs and different kinds of animals,” Archie said.

“He signed a picture, ‘To Archie, best wishes, David Attenborough'”, Mrs Comerford said.

“And it arrived in just two weeks. We really didn’t expect to get anything back.

“We weren’t thinking someone as important as David Attenborough was going to do that.”

When Archie received the letter in the post, the he could not believe his eyes.

“I had the biggest smile I ever did,” Archie said.

SURPRISE GIFT: Sir David Attenborough sent this signed picture to Wagga boy Archie Comerford, aged 6, after Archie wrote Sir David a thank-you letter.

Mrs Comerford said the smile didn’t dip for 24 hours and stayed there even when he went to sleep that night.

The family quickly framed Archie’s prized possession and it hangs proudly on the wall next to his bed.

Thanks to Attenborough’s infectious enthusiasm in his meticulously-filmed documentaries, Archie has developed a passion for nature and wildlife.

“We all love David Attenborough here. We love Planet Earth, The Blue Planet, all the shows. They’re just so amazing to watch,” Mrs Comerford said.

This year, Archie will start Year One at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, which is known for embracing nature through its Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden.

The program encourages a sense of fun and engagement in encouraging children to grow their own food from seed to plate.

Mrs Comerford said having his good manners rewarded in such a precious way has not only reaffirmed the benefits of being polite, it’s made a little boy from Wagga feel special.

GOOD MANNERS REWARDED: Archie Comerford, 6, with his little sister Amelie and parents Shane and Toni Comerford, holding the prized signed photograph from Sir David Attenborough. Picture: Kieren L Tilly.

“To have such a famous person not only autograph and write a personal message to Archie, but to do it in just a couple of weeks has really been astounding,” Mrs Comerford said.

“It just makes us love him even more.”

When Archie goes back to school and has to tell the class a story about his holidays, having a personalised gift from Sir David Attenborough might be tough to beat.

The Daily Advertiser

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