The 5 best moments from Emily Blunt’s Vanity Fair interview

Emily Blunt is on the cover of the January issue of Vanity Fair and we kind of want to type up her quotes in cursive rainbow font, print them on a canvas, pour glitter on them and frame them in our living room?

And then ‘gram our living room?

The London-born, New York-living actress sounded off on a range of issues.

Emil y Blunt in Vanity Fair magazine Photo: Natalie Reilly

1. On how social media has changed fan encounters

“Social media has changed the landscape so an encounter with you is valued more as a social-media currency than a genuine interaction.”

Replace “an encounter with you” with, well, “life” and you’ve got your canvas.

2. On being in Judi Dench’s dressing room as an 18-year-old when the pair were in West End show, The Royal Family, in 2001

“I was drinking champagne and pretending I knew what anyone was talking about.”

3. On whether actors being on social media helps to sell movie tickets

“I don’t think it does shit, to be honest.”

4. On no longer posing for photos with fans

“[Fargo actress] Frances McDormand told us – she just makes my teeth ache I love her so much – when someone asks her for a picture, she says, ‘You know what? I’ve actually retired from that. But I would like to shake your hand and meet you.'”

A bit long for your canvas (would need to just be “I’ve actually retired from that”) but it seems Blunt subscribes to the Jennifer Lawrence school of pic-free fan encounters. Lovely.

5. On people asking her for advice on getting into acting

“It’s a very precarious industry that can often be quite crushing, so any advice I have for anyone going into it is to do something else.”

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