The movie Occupation will be released in 2018 – it stars Newcastle’s Zac Garred

Newcastle bloke to star in sci-fi movie | PHOTOS Silver Screen: Occupation will be released this year. It stars Newcastle’s Zac Garred.

Zac Garred on the set of Occupation.

Zac Garred on the set of Occupation.

Zac and the cast of Occupation.

TweetFacebookOccupation, to be released this year, featuresa group of residents who are forced to unite to resist and fight the invaders.

Zac plays a homeless bloke namedDennis.

“Dennis is a bloke in between lives and, curiously, the chaos he finds himself in gives him more stability than he has had for some time. However his past is very mysterious,” Zac said.

The movie also includes actors BruceSpence, Jacqueline McKenzie and Temuera Morrison.

“We spent eight weeks running around the bush playing soldiersin my home country, after two years without seeing it. Could not have been a better time,” Zac said.

Zac said invasion stories evoke a “sense of the unknown”.

Zac Garred on the set of Occupation.

“It’sthat trepidation we have about our position in the universe. We see ourselves as apex, but every human – deep down in some way – harbours a curiosity for what is out there and what that may entail, good or bad,” he said.

“Plus, the notion of humanity banding together to fight for a common cause is very idealistic.”

Asked how hethinks Aussies would react if we were invaded, he said: “Ihave always been fascinated with the fabled Brisbane Line in World War II”.

This wasa contentious n defence planto concede the northern part of the country to the Japanese inan invasion.

Despite this, Zac said he had confidence in “our ability as a people to go bush and sortout” any invaders.

While researching for Occupation, he came across the storyof the Aboriginal warrior Pemulwuy, of the Bidjigal tribe.

“If we ever find ourselves invaded, there’s our inspiration right there.

“He scared the colonists so deeply, people believed he was actually a spirit summoned by the Bidjigal.”

He was shot three times andsurvived eachhit, Zac said.

“He was their William Wallace.”

MelGibson played Wallace in Braveheart.

“They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom!” he famously said.

Scottish BevviesSpeaking of Scotland, we noticed that a story in The Herald in Scotland featured Newcastle’s lockout laws.

The Scottish, it seems, are trying to reduce alcohol-related violence on their streets.

Topics checked in with ourcorrespondent in Glasgow, who said:“Och, we won’t let those Aussie bastids take our bevvies off us. Next they’ll be afterour wee lassies and then our freedom”.

Seriously though, we reckon the Scottish government should fly Tony Brown over as a consultant. He’ll help ‘em out.

Off Your TrolleyA Topics spy sent a photo of a sign from the Waratah shops.

A sign about trolleys at Waratah shops.

“Another trolley saved from a lifeof crime,” the sign said, adding“Thanks for putting me back.”

Yep, don’t be lazy,people. Put your shopping trolleys back.Trolleys do it tough –they’re always getting pushed around.

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